Rem Koolhaas and Kazuyo Sejima in the stair-room

Antonio Barone and Federico Martelli adjusting brightness-levels

Paolo Cimarosti visiting the stair-room

visitors are invited to dive into the realms of Mr. Mielke’s huge archive and to explore current activities of the institute

Sergio Zapata and Sofia Koutsenko explain the stair-room

visitors experiencing the gradually changing inclination of the Laurin-Stair

dz and Joachim Wienbreyer (photo: Andreas Emminger)

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 – STAIR

Elements of Architecture – STAIR

Responsible for the concept, the design and organisation of the “Stair-Room” in the central pavilion of the Biennale in close
cooperation with project-partner AMO-OMA.

with Joachim Wienbreyer – “Friedrich-Mielke-Institut für Scalalogie” – OTH Regensburg 2013-14