Le Queyron – Queyras – Cottian Alps – France. 2019 (Photo: D. Zwangsleitner)

The Alps are characterized by unique natural and cultural landscapes. These have produced a wide range of characteristic building types, which emerged out of a long-term adaption to climatic and geographic conditions. Today they form an important element of the attractiveness of the Alps as a space for living and recreation.

If we want to preserve and use this cultural heritage, we must bring it into alignment with the challenges and needs of today. We should try to understand the principles of traditional alpine architecture, integrate them in present-day construction, and develop them further. In this way traditional architecture can also be combined with modern technologies and requirements for energy efficiency.

AlpHouse aims at promoting such a farseeing approach to renovations in the Alpine Space. The project explores and collects knowledge and skills in the various regions and passes them on to craftsmen, architects, planners, and decision-makers – so that they can develop individual local solutions oriented towards a common understanding of quality.

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Funding: Alpine Space Programme of the European Union (EU) in the framework of the European Territorial Cooperation 2007-2013.

Research Assistant 2011 for project partner Bavarian Chamber of Architects in collaboration with Technical University of Munich.